Tungsten Walking Fishing Sinkers

Tungsten Walking Fishing Sinkers Picture

These fishing sinkers are the bread and butter of many live-bait, walleye fisherman. They resemble a rectangle with rounded, outside edges. The top features an eye for the line. The fishing sinker's bottom is slightly wider and larger in size than the top, holding more weight. The bottom is also slightly rounded and bent upwards.

This weight distribution positions the sinker with its round edge on bottom, so it will easily glide over rocks, greatly reducing its changes of snagging on the bottom. The semi-flat design also prevents it from rolling along bottom in fast currents.

These sinkers are often used to drag live bait rigs along the bottom, and are sometimes called a live bait rig. To tie the rig, first thread the sinker on the line with the bottom bend pointing to the line's tag end. Next, select a swivel large enough so it will not pass through the sinker's eye. Tie one end to your main line to the swivel. Then, you can add anything from a floating jig head, a plain hook, or a worm harness to complete the rig. This rig is not only snag-resistant, but it also allows line to slide through its eye when a fish picks up the bait.

This latter feature prevents a fish from feeling weight. Yet, when an angler keeps a tight line on the rig, the swivel will stop at the sinker's opening, allowing the leader's length to remain consistent and in the strike zone.