Tungsten Bell Fishing Sinkers

Tungsten Bell Fishing Sinkers Picture

Tungsten bell fishing sinkers also called bass casting resemble a rain-drop or bell shape with a loop or an eye at their tapered top. Line can be passed through or tied directly to the eye. The eye is often made of brass, and some feature snaps, allowing anglers to clip-on or remove sinkers from the line without retying.

Tungsten bell fishing sinkers are favored by shore anglers as they can cast well in the wind. What is more, the rounded profile of the sinkers prevents snagging. Bell sinkers are often used on a three-way rig for boat anglers. The rig consists of a three-way swivel with one eye for the main line is designed to make baits deep without needing any extra equipment, like downriggers. The rig is effective when bounced along the bottom or lowered to a desired depth and trolled in open water.

Tungsten bell fishing sinkers are often made of lead or lead before, but they turn out to be environment hazard and non-corrosion resistance. Tungsten with the properties of good corrosion resistance and environment friendly becomes more and more popular for bell fishing sinkers’ materials.