Tungsten Pyramid Fishing Sinkers

Tungsten Pyramid Fishing Sinkers Picture

Tungsten Pyramid fishing sinkers also has a line eye like bell sinkers, which giving it an inverted pyramid profile when tied. They are excellent tungsten fishing sinkers for holding a rig in place in sandy bottoms, or in rough water, the pyramid is probably the best sinker for ocean conditions. It casts well and is a tenacious anchor, it excels in strong currents with any bottom condition. Their streamline profile causes them to sink quickly, and their flat edges prevent them from being rolled along bottom in fast currents. And also it is a superb sinker for bay and ocean fishing. The one drawback is that its stubborn feature often gets it securely snagged on the rocks or other submerged matter. So it's not a good choice for rockfish or river angling.

Tungsten pyramid fishing sinkers is a staple piece of tackle for striper bass and surf fishing as follows. When pyramid fishing sinkers are used in water bodies with sand-floor or mud-floors, the tungsten fishing sinkers will bury themselves into the bottom if the bottom is soft and if it is on hard bottoms, the flat sides will prevent the pyramid from rolling with the current.

For longest time,tungsten pyramid fishing sinkers are made from lead. Other metals are replacing it although lead is still used nowadays. Lead is banned in some fishing areas and anglers are forced to use other sinkers which made from non-toxic materials. The main reason for the coming out of the alternatives is that the lead is toxic and is not friendly to the environment. Tungsten based materials made pyramid tungsten fishing sinkers achieve great honor between anglers because of tungsten based materials are agree with the environment protection.