Tungsten Eye Fishing sinkers

Tungsten Eye Fishing sinkers Picture

有两个孔的带孔钨合金渔坠子 Tungsten eye fishing sinkers with two eyes resemble rubber core fishing sinkers while there is no groove through the centre. These are mostly used on boats for mooching rigs or trolling lures. However, it can work similarly from piers or shore. In most cases, it's a good way to get a lure out farther on windy days, and the extra weight will suspend the lure closer to the bottom when in the choppy water. What is more, it is more aerodynamic and you can cast to the distance as you willing to.

Tungsten eye fishing sinkers with one eye pretty like the two eye ones, but one eye fishing sinkers only have one eye. One eye fishing sinker, also known as a torpedo, is a great sinker for windy days, probably the best casting sinker of them. It holds bottom terribly, however, and can hang up just as badly as the other.

But it is a good sinker to use with a sliding sleeve because it lifts the slider off the bottom enough to facilitate the smooth movement of the leader line.

Just like the rubber core fishing sinkers, tungsten eye fishing sinkers are generally made of lead before. And now, the environment protection material tungsten based alloy has an enthusiastic reaction because the lead is commonly labeled environment hazard.