Tungsten Egg Fishing Sinkers

Tungsten Egg Fishing Sinkers Picture

Tungsten egg fishing sinkers slip on the line, which is threaded through a hole that runs lengthwise though the sinkers. It is also used for live bait presentations and is still a favorite among catfish anglers. The egg sinker rig is used to fish off or near the bottom. The egg-shape makes these sinkers fairly snag resistant and able to roll along the bottom. It allows the fish to pick up the bait without feeling any resistance and it presents your offering where many fish spend a lot of time on or near the bottom which is a great rig for casting from the bank sinkers.

All the experienced anglers agree that it is important job to tie the tungsten egg fishing sinkers to the line. And how, the following process will show you that.
First thread the egg sinker onto your main line.
Then make use of an improved clinch knot to tie the barrel swivel onto the main line.Next, tie 8 to 12 inches of leader onto the barrel swivel. Using line that is lighter than your main line (like 2lb to 4lb test) for your leader if you fish in clear water, otherwise you can use the same test as your main line.
Then tie the hook onto the leader using an improved clinch knot . The type of hook you use will depend on the fish you are targeting and the bait that you choose.

Tungsten egg fishing sinkers are the perfect alternative to traditional egg sinkers. Tungsten is a responsible and sustainable alternative to other materials, unlike lead which is toxic to people and wildlife, tungsten is friendly to the environment.