How to Place Fishing Sinkers to the Line

Fishing Sinkers Picture

If you use light bait such as a worm or an insect, you will find that your hook will float at the top of the water and it is difficult to attract any fish. A popular method of getting your hook to submerge further in the water is to use fishing sinkers. These small metal balls are easily placed on the line and increase your chances of catching a fish. So it is critical to place a suitable fishing sinker onto your fishing rigs, it is so easy that you can do it yourself if you have the necessary things, such as fishing line, scissors and sinkers and sometimes you need a snap swivel.

First remove your hook from the fishing line. You will not be able to place your fishing sinkers without a free end of fishing line to utilize. Use a pair of scissors to trim the hook off your line.

Run a line through one of your fishing sinkers. Most style of sinkers have a hole running through the middle of them. This is for securing it to the line. Thread the fishing line through the hole until several inches worth of line are fed out the opposite end of the sinker.

Then wrap the line around the fishing sinker and tie a knot. Make the knot stable, so the fishing sinker does not slide up and down the line. Also, estimate where your hook will be and how much slack you need to retie it to the line. Your fishing sinkers should be close to the hook but does not need to be directly above it.

Then, create individual knots if you determined that you need to use more than one fishing sinker on your fishing line because you want to lower your bait. While it may be easier to simply slide a few sinkers on the line and tie a knot, it may break the line. Repeat the above steps for each individual fishing sinker you use.

Finally, replace the hook that you have removed from the line once you have placed the fishing sinkers securely on your fishing line.