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Tungsten Bullet Worm Weight

Tungsten bullet worm weight was designed as bullet shape to easily slip through weeds. And it features a concave bottom which hugs tight to the plastic baits when rigged.The bullet worm weight are designed with a hole passing through the sinker from end to end.

How to use tungsten bullet woum weight?

To use this type of sinker, hold the sinker so the tip of the "bullet" faces up, then feed the end of your line down through the top so it exits from the bottom. Tie a hook to the end of your line using the knot of your choice, then place a plastic worm lure onto the hook. When the worm is in position, the end of the bullet slides down to cover the head of the worm. This type of sinker holds the worm in an upright, natural position to attract fish. It also positions the worm to hide the hook from sight, while keeping the hook in an effective position for snaring a fish.
tungsten bullet worm weight tungsetn bullet worm weight painted tungsten bullet weight with plastic insert
Tungsten bullet weights
Tungsten bullet weights
paomted tungsten bullet weights with plastic insert


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