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Fishing Tackle

Fishing tackle is necessary for angler while fishing. It is the connection between the angler and the fish.

Fishing rigs are named for the reel (or lack of reel) that holds the fishing line. Each type of fishing reel has an appropriate fishing rod that goes with it.

1. Pole and Line

The simplest gear is a pole with fishing line attached to the end. Used most commonly with a float, weight, hook and bait; a pole and line can also be used with a lure. This gear is simple, it is usually used for fish in shallow water.
pole and line Simple but effective Pole and line in fishing system.


Spincast is the simplest gear with a reel. Spincast gear is the appropriate choice for most beginning anglers. The fishing line comes out of a hole in the reel cover. During the cast, the thumb is used to release the line, and the index finger is used for control. Spincast gear is used to cast light to medium size lures.

spincasting Spincasting or push button rod and reel is often the first rod and reel anglers own.

3. Spinning

Spinning gear can cast farther than spincast gear. The fishing line in a spinning reel is exposed, and the index finger is used to release the line and to control the line. The first guide of a spinning rod is large. Various spinning gear is used for casting very light to heavy lures. Line on a spinning rig comes off the spool of line, under the wire bail, and through each guide.


Spinning or open-faced spinning rod and reel can be used to catch all species of fish.

4. Baitcasting

Baitcasting gear has more control and more power than spinning gear. In a casting reel, the fishing line rotates the spool as the line comes off the spool. During the cast, the thumb is used to release the line and to slow and stop the line. Bait casting gear can cast moderate to very heavy weights farther than other reels.
baitcasting Baitcasting rod and reel is commonly used by bass anglers, but it requires some practice to master.

5. Fly

A fly rod works differently than other rods. The fly rod casts the line instead of casting the lure. The heavy fly line is used for the casting, and a leader, usually tapered monofilament, connects the fly line to the fly. The fly rod casts very light lures typically made of feathers, fur or fibers that cast out with the line. Fly fishing is not difficult, but it normally takes training to learn the proper technique.
fly rod
Fly rod and reel may be used to catch a wide variety of fish with lightweight lures called flies.

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