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Fishing Glossary

bait - something used to attract fish to bite; the terms bait and lure may be used
interchangeably, but bait often refers to something natural or live.
bite - when a fish takes or tries to take a bait (or lure).
black bass - a largemouth bass, redeye bass, shoal bass, smallmouth bass or spotted bass.
bobber - float.
casting - the skill of propelling a lure from the angler to the water.
cleaning - preparing the catch for eating.
conservation - the wise use of natural resources.
cork - float.
creel limit - the number of fish an angler can keep in a day.
dressed - fish prepared for eating with the backbone and ribs attached.
dropper - a separate line tied onto the main line near the hook.  It is used to attach a weight to a separate line or to fish two hooks.
fillet - cleaning a fish by cutting the edible portion from the rest of the fish.
fishery - a situation where anglers are trying to catch a species of fish.
fishing line - special flexible fiber that connects the fishing reel to the hook.
float - used to keep baits off the bottom and to assist with detecting a bite.
land - bringing the fish to the land or to a net for capture.
lunker - a large specimen of a species of fish.
lure - something used to attract fish to bite.  The terms bait and lure may be used interchangeably, but lure most often refers to something man-made used to entice fish to bite.
monofilament - fishing line that is one piece; opposite of multifilament.
multifilament - fishing line that is several strands woven together; opposite of monofilament.
playing - the time from setting the hook until the fish is landed or gets away.
reel - a device that holds and retrieves fishing line.
renovate - with respect to ponds, getting rid of the fish present and starting anew.
retrieving - the act of bringing a bait or lure back to the angler.
rigging - how the bait is hooked, and where the hook, snap or swivel, weight and float are placed.
rod - a pole that is used to cast a lure or bait.
selective harvest - keeping fish that will help the fish population reach its maximum potential; sometimes a fish population is helped when an individual fish is kept and sometimes the fish population is helped when the fish is released.  On lakes with slot limits, keep fish smaller than the lower limit.
setting the hook - pulling the rod up sharply so that the hook will stick in the fish's mouth.
sinker - something used to help cast or help sink the bait or lure; a weight.
snap - a small metal device tied onto fishing line and used to quickly attach lures to the line.
snap-swivel - a snap with a swivel connected to it to keep line from twisting.
strike - when a fish takes or tries to take a lure (or bait).
structure - any change in an area that causes fish to be concentrated (change of depth, tree, rock, etc.).
swivel - allows the lure or bait to twist but reduces the twist of the fishing line; also used to keep weights from sliding near the bait or lure.
tailwater - area below a dam.
terminal tackle - tackle between the fish and the rod.
weight - something used to help cast or help sink the bait or lure; sinker.



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